Vehicle Programming

Automotive programming service

Most vehicles on the road today have control units which have been matched to that particular vehicle and are not generally interchangeable. There are however ways around it in some cases and at Sin Tech we have the capability to make these changes to the software inside the unit thus allowing it to be directly swapped or putting it to virgin state such that it can be programmed as new.

All our services are mobile and so if the application is possible, we should be able to do this at your home or place of work, causing you the least amount of disruption.


Whilst we are not locksmiths and do not cut keys, we are able to program keys to a large number of vehicles providing a PIN code where necessary. As this is not the main part of our business we cannot offer a 24 hour response for lost keys or the like. We generally code keys as part of our diagnostic work as and when needed.

Immobilisers / EEProm

A huge part of the vehicle parc these days will have an immobilizer of some sort to deter against theft and unauthorized use. However as these immobilizer systems become a little older they can become unstable and create problems with starting even with the appropriate authorization or key. There are options however to get your car or van back on the road. We can effect a proper repair to your vehicle giving you the protection it started life with or in some cases, usually where budget is an issue, we can completely remove the immobilizer function. This latter option will leave your vehicle unprotected, and in any case is not guaranteed to work with all vehicles.

As one of the area’s leading experts in EEPROM work you can rest assured that your car will be in good hands, whether it is a simple read, or write of new data. We can also analyse and swap immobiliser data where necessary.

Pin codes

When programming either a new or secondhand unit a PIN or security code is often required. We can retrieve the security code from the ECU or Body control unit in many instances, but occasionally  this is not possible. At these times we can request the PIN from a third party, sometimes dealer only,  at a cost.

On some late vehicles the PIN or security is not available even from the dealer and will need to go to the dealer for programming, connecting to their mainframe network via the internet. The manufacturers are making it increasingly more difficult for independents to the point that some main dealers struggle with correct diagnosis.

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