Engine diagnostics, ECU remapping, immobilisers and Terraclean

Engine Diagnostics

Sin Tech is probably among the longest established diagnostic based businesses in the region serving many local independent garages and businesses. We continue to grow with the technology that is introduced in modern day motor vehicles, and this is why we are highly recommended by many garages and businesses.

ECU Remapping

Sin Tech are proud to be an ECU remapping dealer in the Dorset region for Viezu Technologies.

Sin Tech added ECU remapping to our services several years ago after many enquiries and requests. It has had a terrific impact on our customer base and we get more enquiries for remapping than we ever expected. Our files are written for us by Viezu Technologies who are based near Bromsgrove. We are proud to be recognized as a Viezu dealer because they offer a no quibble money back guarantee (limited time) if you’re not completely satisfied, they are the only ISO certified ECU remapping company in the country, and they are bestowed with the Queens award for Enterprise Innovation. On top of all this they are fully insured, and their back up is second to none.


Many vehicle control systems are unique to one vehicle and cannot be directly interchanged without reprogramming. Our technicians are able to “reprogram” many of these units to a virgin state, free run or data swap, allowing secondhand units to be used.

We have the facility to program a number of new or secondhand control units to your vehicle, including ECU, Body Control Units, Keys and immobilizers. Some units can be programmed directly on the vehicle, while others may need to be carried out on the bench.

In some cases, PIN codes can be extracted for direct programming however this often requires removal of the unit first. We are able to completely remove the immobilizer from some vehicles, whereas others may not be possible, dependent on application. Please email with your details to find out if we can help you.


Sintech are the appointed dealer for the “Terraclean” brand covering Blandford Forum and surrounding areas. Terraclean is the UK’s #1 engine decarbonising system. Using their unique patented designs, unlike other carbon cleaning companies, Terraclean are able to sustantiate all their claims giving them more credibility over others.

Why settle for anything less?

DPF cleaning and EGR cleaning are among the services we can offer. Soot and carbon can usually be removed without any major disassembly leaving the DPF on the vehicle. If the particulate filter has excessive ash content, the filter will need to be removed and sent away for specialist cleaning. This is provided as an additional service by Terraclean.




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